Creditstar Group is pleased to announce it successfully issued bonds in the total amount of € 20.00 million with maturities of 18 and 30 months. The proceeds of the offering will be used to redeem maturing bonds and finance loan portfolio growth across multiple markets.

Creditstar Group’s diversified investor base spans across Europe and has more than 300 bond investors. Over 50 new investors subscribed to the latest bond issue. The private issuance was registered by Nasdaq CSD SE.

Aaro Sosaar, CEO of Creditstar Group, said “Creditstar successfully continues to grow in 2020. Despite Covid-19, strong investor demand reflects the…


Our blog has been very quiet as we’ve been focusing on our business growth, challenges, and operational improvements.

However, we have launched the first phase of updates on the Lendermarket website — a refreshed homepage — and now seems like a fitting time to update you with what we’ve been doing.

We’ve delivered a facelift to our homepage, added important new information and valuable feedback from our investors. We will continue with content updates as well as improvements to the service features such as enhancements to Auto Invest usability, etc.

2. On the 9th of November 2020…


We are starting coverage of key statistics of Lendermarket’s business and operations. You can now find quarterly statistics here on the blog.

2020 Q1 — Q3
Value of loans funded: € 29,600,000
Amount of loans funded: 77,000 loans
Interest and delayed interest paid to investors: € 460,000
Investments lost by investors: € 0

2020 Q3
Value of loans funded: € 12,800,000
Amount of loans funded: 32,033 loans
Interest and delayed interest paid to investors: € 188,000
Investments lost by investors: € 0

As of 31.10.2020
Number of investors: 2 021
Number of countries investors are from: 45

P2P Investment and coronavirus: keep calm and keep investing, now is a chance to earn higher returns while also doing good.

At Creditstar we understand that these can be challenging times for everyone. Not only are people concerned for their health, but it is, understandably, a disorientating time for P2P investors. However, the message from Creditstar is to keep calm and capitalise on higher interest levels offered by loan originators. Here’s how we recommend investors to navigate financially through these uncertain times.

What Creditstar is doing We are in an advantageous position as we have the experience of how to…


We are hereby pleased to announce the launch of the Lendermarket blog.

So far, we have relied on other communication channels for publishing our announcements and news. Now the posts start appearing here first and foremost. About our platform, loan originators or anything that is of interest or concern to our investors. And of course, our support team continues to have direct interactions with our investors, as they always have.

As a sign of this being a fresh initiative, we haven’t yet made it to integrate the blog properly within our homepage. …


We’re a P2P crowdfunding marketplace for investors to invest in Buyback Guaranteed consumer loans issued in Europe.

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